It seems that autumn is coming, the night temperatures have plummeted and the pool is no longer the best option to spend the afternoon. ¿ And now what do we do with the pool during the winter?

In OSCER pools we recommend that you keep the water clean and in perfect condition , so that when spring comes the cost and work to enjoy the pool again will be minimal or nil.

Also, if the pool is attached to the house or you can enjoy it visually from the living room window, without a doubt keeping the pool clean is the best option for winter . Even if the temperatures drop outside, seeing the perfect and illuminated garden and pool is always comforting and very attractive.commercial pool plans

For this reason, in today's post, you will not find how to treat the pool in winter with chemicals other than those used in the middle of the bathing season, to be closed and abandoned until next season. Today I encourage you to have the perfect pool and continue enjoying it also in winter .

We will see that maintenance is simple and requires much less time and dedication than in the middle of the season. I will explain the steps to follow to have the perfect pool in winter and fully prepared for the new season.


Simply keep the pool water during the winter season to find it perfect when the first sunny days of spring arrive.

You have two options to maintain the perfect water, with a chemical product, a method that I will not talk about in this post or by keeping the pool running minimally all winter.

In this way we avoid having to throw away the water, brush the walls and refill it or treat it with large amounts of chemical product to recover it. With what these actions mean for the environment and of course for our pocket.

That is to say, with the wintering of the pool, you save both in time and in chemical product and water . I know that it seems that our mind is on other things and we do not fancy the idea of ​​"continuing all winter" pending the pool.

But I assure you that with a minimum of effort, you will have the perfect pool all year round and the opening of the bathing season will be relaxed and calm.

In addition, either you have a very large plot or you are living the pool from the house at all times and surely you do not want to see a green pond or a blue cover, from the living room window.


I know that I have told you that I am not going to talk about this type of hibernation and I am not going to do it, but I want to explain why.

Simply because there are many different products on the market and experience tells me that either they are not used properly or they are not as good as the manufacturers tell us.

I cannot recommend any one in particular and tell you the amount and frequency of product that you can put, so in this post I am going to talk to you about what I know works and how to do it, keep the purifier running for a minimum of daily time.

On the other hand, I know that when a client chooses to add product to winterize the pool, he forgets it completely. And this is fundamentally a danger for pipes and pumps. The water has to be in motion to prevent it from freezing in the tubes and bursting them. And if the pump does not work throughout the winter, it seizes up and the damage it produces may be irreversible.

But above all, it is essential that the water moves to avoid freezing of the water in the glass when a harsh winter comes. And this is achieved with the pump running and the water circulating.


It is never an option to leave the pool empty during the winter, before even talking about the danger it poses to children, pets, etc. You have to bear in mind that pools are not prepared to be empty.

The walls of the pool “support” the pressure of the earth that is contracted by the pressure in the opposite direction of the water. So the lack of water can make it easier for the walls to crack .

On the other hand, water protects the wall and floor covering . It prevents them from being exposed to temperature contrasts and from cracking and deteriorating.

You also have to know that even if you don't see them, the pool is surrounded by tubes and keeping the pool full and running will prevent them from freezing and bursting.

And of course the danger of falling into an empty pool.